Optus 'yes' Fusion (ADSL2+) 'yes' Fusion $109 + Home Phone Plan

Plan Details

The Optus 'yes' Fusion (ADSL2+) 'yes' Fusion $109 plan is an ADSL2+ Broadband connection that comes with 500 GB of data per month.

Download speeds on this plan are up to 20000 kbps, and upload speeds are 820 kbps. Once the monthly download limit has been reached, the connection is shaped and slowed to a speed of 256/256 kbps. Uploads on this plan are counted, and the plan comes with a dynamic IP address.

This plan is bundled with a telephone, which costs $0.00 per month. The 'yes' Fusion $109 plan costs $109.00 per month. The total cost of the bundled products is $109.00 per month. This plan has a minimum contract of 24 months, with a $0.00 connection fee which includes a Wireless Modem. The minimum total cost of the Optus 'yes' Fusion (ADSL2+) 'yes' Fusion $109 plan is $2,616.00 over the 24 month contract.

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Plan Name 'yes' Fusion $109
Internet Type ADSL2+
Speed 20000/820 kbps
Included Data 500 GB
Uploads Counted Yes
Excess Usage Shaped
Capped Speed 256/256 kbps
IP Address Dynamic
Phone Bundled Yes
Phone Price $0.00
Internet Price $109.00
Total Price $109.00
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